Financial Services of America

Merchant Accounts

Specializing in High Risk categories such as Timeshares, Travel Clubs, Telemarketing and Adult Entertainment, with competitive rates.

FSA has been an innovator in the field of electronic payment processing for many years. We can meet your merchant service needs, whether you need a standard terminal, a wireless terminal or a internet e-commerce option. Today's businesses find that credit cards offer their customers many advantages, such as convenience and security for both the business and their customer. Debit and credit cards have become the preferred and most accepted way of collecting funds for many businesses around the world. Let FSA show you the way.

As with any credit card processor, there are dozens of profit centers for banks to profit from your credit card processing business. FSA will do a FREE analysis on your monthly merchant statements to show you where we can save you money, be it:

Our analysis will show you that it's not just "in the rate" that you were originally sold on that's costing you hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per month.

FSA is the only credit card solution that offers a monthly cash rebate back to its high volume merchants, affectively making them profit sharing partners on their own credit card business. Call us for details.