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When Your Customer Needs to Finance a Repair or Purchases, Get Deferred Funding on Post-Dated Checks. It's Easy & Fast

Does your customer need up to $5,000 for auto repair, furniture, dental, legal, home repair, funeral, or plastic surgery financing? Now you can offer our 90 Day, Easy Payment Plan!

We call it AutoFlexpay90... And here's the best part: your business gets its money within 72 hours of the maturation of the customer's check...and we GUARANTEE the check! We take the risk, you get the repair order you would have LOST!

No credit check necessary!

All it Takes is
5 Fast and Easy Steps:

  1. Have your customer fill out and sign an application.
  2. You verify license and proof of employment.
  3. Your customer signs post-dated checks for up to 90 days.
  4. You scan their post-dated checks which our proprietary software immediately converts to a preauthorized ACH electronic transaction.
  5. Customer signs the receipt.

In 10 seconds you have your approval,
and we approve 93% of all customers submitted.

Once Approved Your

(The customer is only turned down
if they have been bouncing checks)

Reps and Distributors Welcome.

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