Membership Club Merchant Accounts

Membership clubs, like other high risk fields such as timeshares, travel clubs or telemarketing, often have a difficult time finding a merchant account provider. Unlike other merchant account providers, FSA specializes in high risk categories including merchant accounts for membership clubs.

The nature of membership clubs make it fall into the high risk category. Understanding that the nature of the sale relies on the attitude of your customer, being able to capitalize on this moment requires that you have the ability to accept credit cards and pay online. Unlike other businesses, the sale of a membership club is not necessarily something that your customer can hang onto. It is this intangible sale that makes membership clubs so high risk. Despite these risks, FSA still believes that your merchant account is important. Experts in the field of high risk accounts such as membership club merchant accounts, FSA is able to offer fair prices, innovative technology and quality service.

We understand the field and we understand what you need to make your company successful even in the field of membership clubs. If you are interested in learning how FSA can help you and would like to contact us for further information, you can contact us on line or call us directly at 877-320-9227.