Membership Club Merchant Accounts

Membership clubs, like other high risk fields such as timeshares, travel clubs or telemarketing, often have a difficult time finding a merchant account provider. Unlike other merchant account providers, FSA specializes in high risk categories including merchant accounts for membership clubs. The nature of membership clubs make it fall into the high risk category. Understanding that the nature of the sale relies on the attitude of your customer, being able to capitalize on this moment requires … [Read more...]

Adult Entertainment – A High Risk Merchant Account

Are you in the adult entertainment industry and wondering what you can do to make your business a success? Consider a merchant account as the first and best step to making your business more successful. Many people enjoy adult entertainment of some kind, but by making their access to this entertainment private, you increase your sales greatly. If someone visits an adult site and is asked to pay for a product by check, chances are, you are going to lose the sale. Likewise an online business of … [Read more...]

Travel Clubs – High Risk Merchant Accounts

Are you the owner/operator of a travel club and looking to make your company more successful? If so, you need the simplicity and benefit of a merchant account. Make your customers more likely to purchase your product by offering them a viable way to make the purchase from FSA. What sets the “average” apart from the “successful” company is as simple as the ease of the sale. The harder you make it for a customer to pay, the less likely they are to do so, instead finding another place to spend … [Read more...]

Telemarketing – A High Risk Merchant Account

Are you in telemarketing and looking for a way to make your business more effective? Merchant accounts are the easiest way for you to do just that. Increase your volume of sales by offering your customers a more convenient, simpler, and quicker way to make a payment. By having access to a merchant account, you are likely to make more sales for a number of reasons including not only making it simpler for your customers to access the funds needed for payment, but also making these funds available … [Read more...]

Timeshares – A High Risk Merchant Account

Do you want to sell more timeshares? If the answer to this question is yes, than the solution is getting a merchant account with My Financial Services. What makes merchant accounts so beneficial to business owners is the simplicity of the sale. You make the sale and have the opportunity to close the deal within minutes, leaving little up to chance. Providing clients with more secure and convenient payment options is the best and easiest way for you to increase your sales. Simple and immediate … [Read more...]

High Risk Merchant Accounts

One of the services offered by Financial Services of America (FSA) to our clients is called a merchant account, more specifically, a high risk merchant account. If you are new to the business world, you may be unfamiliar with what a merchant account is and how it may benefit you. What Is a Merchant Account A merchant account is an account which makes it possible for you, a business, to accept credit or debit card payments from your debtors. By allowing your debtors the option of paying by … [Read more...]