Auto Flex Pay 90

Small businesses, prospective business owners and those business simply in need of merchant account services, this is for you. Auto Flex Pay 90 is the way to enhance your business, by affording your customers the ability to have more options when it comes to paying, providing you ease of mind and protecting your valuable assets. In a time when securing funds can be difficult, Auto Flex Pay 90 is a viable solution for you and your customers.

How It Works

Offering advanced funding is one way in which Auto Flex Pay 90 stands out from other merchant account providers. Unique and beneficial, this is one of the most revolutionary check programs available today. Otherwise known as the 90 day same as cash program, Auto Flex Pay 90 allows you, the merchant, your payment right away. For the customer, Auto Flex Pay 90 allows him/her to have the time they need to pay in full allowing them more options for payment. Making your business work for you and your customers is why Auto Flex Pay 90 is such a good option for you, the business owner.

Take Advantage Of All Auto Flex Pay 90 Offers

By offering you a guarantee, the type of service options you want, the ability for your customers to pay over a period of time and more options for payment, Auto Flex Pay 90 helps to ensure that you will not only get sales, but may solidify even more sales through convenience and customer care.

The many advantages include not only an improved cash flow and customer convenience but a faster turn around, fewer fees, a reduced risk to your profits such as NSF, simplified accounting and fewer incomplete sales. You benefit, your customers benefit and your business benefits with Auto Flex Pay 90.

If you are interested in how Auto Flex Pay 90 will help you further your business and increase your sales, contact Financial Services of America (FSA) for more information on how we can get you on the road to success call 877-320-9227.